Matt Davis is on the podcast to share his insights into shocks and setup

Several people have asked about more specifics on shocks and setup and Matt Davis is on the show to share his insights.

He worked at Bilstein for years in Design Engineering and got his start with the FSAE group in college.

He spent almost an entire 2 years running a shock dyno at Bilstein.  I don't think I asked what that shock dyno would cost if we wanted to buy it.

We start by getting his background in racing and then I get to ask noob questions (hopefully you have some of the same questions).

Here is the car swing they used for the FSAE car: Car inertia swing  (was hoping it was a crazy swing like the ones people can do a 360 on yes you need to see those on YouTube).

Should you do shocks first or springs and sway bars?

Let us know what you learned and what questions you have!

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FSAE Vehicle Inertia
FSAE Vehicle Inertia
Matt Daivs Autocrossing Miata
Matt Daivs Autocrossing Miata
Matt Davis FSAE Car
Matt Davis FSAE Car

Nicholas Chu is your 2016 Solo Rookie of the Year for Autocross

Nick Chu Solo Nationals SCCA 2016 Rookie of the Year
Nick Chu Solo Nationals SCCA 2016
Nick Chu SCCA Silver S2000 STR
Nick Chu SCCA Silver S2000 STR

Nick is the guest on this podcast.  He was just awarded the 2016 Solo Rookie of the Year for Autocross.

He was 2nd place in the STR class which had 64 drivers - driving a S2000.  And he wasn't even driving his own car (which helps since he no longer owns an autocross car).

I think you will get some good autocross tips and things to try after listening to this podcast.  ***He started autocrossing in 2013*** so he caught on quickly.  And you will hear how he learns while not actually racing.

Yes he has video game racing experience and talks about the setup he uses which makes the braking feel real.

He has driven in STS in a Civic and a CRX, as well as an ES Miata.

He talks about how he looks at data and videos and we will share a link below to some of his data.

He talks about over driving on purpose for practice as well as not being able to duplicate being fast with applying throttle later.  (It worked for a codriver but he had to find another way to drive faster.)

And a tip I'm looking forward to implementing - watching videos at 1/2 or quarter speed. (I tried this and had to mute the volume on my coaching video to keep watching it.)

I thought we were going to wrap up the interview when he mentioned owning a kart so we had to hear about that.  He has a 4 stroke kart which sounds much more up my alley for lower maintenance!

Let us know what stands out to you!


Nick's local Shop:

His local club:

His runs at Solo Nationals 2016 that earned him Rookie of the Year honors: Nick's autocross runs

Side by side runs: Autocross Side by Side runs

And Nick reviewing data of a run: Nick's Data Video Autocross