Jeff Kiesel of Kiesel Family Racing is this shows guest Part 1

This is part 1of Jeff Kiesel's interview.

Jeff has won a lot as evidence he has the longest Streak of SCCA Solo National Championships for Men with 12 autocross wins.

What stand out to me is how much family matters to him and how much of a family sport autocross is for him. (And as of 2018 his family has the most SCCA Solo National Championships.)

If you are hoping to buy the bug eye listen to find out more...(or do we talk about that I part 2?)  Listen in for his autocross insights, tips and a few stories!
Some of Jeff's Autocross Accomplishments:
1st - Longest Consecutive-Years Winning Streak, Men - 12 years (2006-17)
1st - Longest Personal Event Win Streak, Men - 12 years (2006-16)
1st - Most Family Championships - 25 (Jeff 12, Shawn 11, Zak 2)
5th - Most Championships, Men - 12
5th - Widest Margin of Victory, open class 21-30 cars - 4.726-sec, EM 2010 6th - Widest Margin of Victory, open class 11-20 cars - 6.048-sec, EM 2013

Jeff's company has been giving away Guitars for several years now to the top PAX winners as well as Pro Solo Overall Champions.
I had no clue how custom Kiesel Guitars can be.  See them at .com/

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