Ron Williams Multi Time SCCA Solo National Champion

This show features Ron Williams who is a multi time SCCA National Champion.  He covers many topics from when he began with is dad to his thoughts on making shock changes after a first run (hint are your tires warmed up on your first run?)

Ron has won in 4 different classes and really enjoys the front wheel drive cars and has been very successful with them.

Ron owns and operates South West Auto Service

2010 SW Ashworth Pl, Topeka Kansas (785) 272-3232

I recommend him and trust his expertise so much so that I had him setup and do maintenance on my civic.

Solo Nationals Championships

2014 STC  pg 292  Civic si

2013 RTA DS Audi TT

2012 FSP   Civic

2008  HS Mini Cooper

2007 GS  pg Mini Cooper S


ProSolo Championships

2009 HS  Mini Cooper

2007 GS  Mini Cooper S

Autocross Slalom Tips and Techniques of the Experts

This show is all about Autocross Slaloms where you can hear the tips and techniques from some of the fastest people in autocross.

Bob and Patty Tunnell  Slalom Tips

  • Turn Early (turn out of phase aka turn early)
  • Pay attention to the 1st cone
  • Don't late apex the last cone, just avoid it
    • Late apex less and less toward the end if fast toward the end
  • Bonus: Universal Truth - turns over 120 degrees the shortest line is the fastest 99.9% of the time

Brian Peters Slalom Tips

  • Best quote "If I'm hitting the brake in a slalom something bad is happening typically"
  • Set the speed for the slalom when tucking in the first cone.
  • Slaloms are a place you can find 80 feet of acceleration by staying ahead in them
  • Look 3 or 4 cones into the slalom

Julian Garfield Slalom Technique

  • Come into the Slalom under control keeping the acceleration and braking at a minimum.
  • First cone is very important
  • That fourth cone gets hit when you are lazy on the first cone.

Leslie Cohen Slalom Tips

  • Slow down a slalom cone ahead of the slalom
  • You want to drive the slalom
  • See the whole slalom
  • Come out of the slalom accelerating
  • Who you listen to is important
  • Draw arcs to see where you car will be

Tom Berry Slalom Tips

  • Learned a ton from Data Acquisition
  • Settle the car before entering any turn
  • Present the car to the slalom
  • Have moderate acceleration going into the slalom
  • Come off the brake really smoothly

Ron Williams Slalom Tips

  • Have an attack mentality - Be on your toes
  • Attack the back side of the cones
  • Aggressive on steering inputs - turn the wheel as fast as you can.

Jason Frank Slalom Tips

  • Start at the beginning of the slalom
  • Late Apex, Late Apex, Late Apex
  • Keep a steady state (you've heard this a few times already)
  • Accelerate out the backside
  • Every once in a while his plan to slow before entering doesn't work 🙂