Autocross Talk T Shirts are now available on Amazon and are Prime. We have many version of the gear shift shirts.

New Designs for 2019 - Thanks Emily!
We took the old design and replaced the word Party with a cone. Also made versions of the shirts in a new font.
These autocross T-Shirts are available in styles for Men, Women and Youth, in different colors and different shift patterns.

**If you buy one please let me know and please leave a review on Amazon 🙂

This is the original Autocross Talk T Shirt Short Sleeve (Available in Men's, Women and Youth sizes.)

This is the long sleeve version of the Autocross Talk Logo T Shirt (unisex).

The following are the Gear Shift Party T Shirts inspired by Van T.

This is a 6 speed with the Reverse gear on the top left.-- (Men's and Women's Styles)

This is a common Honda 5 speed pattern. -- (Men's and Women's Styles)

Five speed with reverse on top left Autocross Party gear shift logo T Shirt.
-- (Men's and Women's Styles)

This is the same as the previous but available in different colors.

Autocross Talk TShirts
Some of the Autocross Shirts we have available. We have several versions of the shift pattern available.