Mark Legg on Mental and Physical tips for Autocross and Car Racing

Mark Legg is on Autocross Talk.

He is a racing coach for cars as well as bicycle racing. He knows more than a couple of things about professional racing since he was a cyclist as well as a coach for his wife and others.

His wife Kate Compton is a 15-time national champion.

This episode is focused on how to get the best results by working on you. Your mental game as well as your physical game.

You will learn how the fight or flight response is good for strength but not for sports like autocross and car racing.

Mark will share tips to help us keep our breathing in check which can keep us out of the fight or flight when enables us to see more and have more fine muscle control.

Take a deep breath and keep doing it all the time 🙂

I really think this knowledge, tips and exercise can help you with your racing.

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