Mark Daddio Talks Autocross racing in this episode

Mark Daddio is featured on this episode of the show.

12 SCCA Solo National Championships

11 Pro Solo Class Championships

2 Over All Pros Solo Championships

Hear Mark Daddio's thoughts on Autocross Coaching and Autocross Tips he uses.

I like his moto "just drive" when it comes time for his run. This is a great tip to drive faster when wondering how you can autocross faster.

We hear when he started left foot braking and why he likes to do it. He breaks down what the car is doing when skipping the lift between braking and accelerating.

You will hear his Autocross mental game to prepare for a run where he goes back through the course mentally until he gets it right. Then when it is time to drive, he says "I Just Drive".

When he is racing, he says "I rely on what I'm seeing at the time".

I'd phrase this as being in the present moment or being in the zone. Nothing to think about rather just taking the input of seeing the cones. He mentions how when he can’t see the cones he will DNF.

We talk about Mazda's Rev It Up which he won back to back. When he asked after the first win if he can compete again and the answer was "Yeah if you can win again more power to you".

We talk about him doing endurance karting and how much fun as well as how much of a workout karting is.

Pat Salerno rode with him on an Autocross Run and commented: "Your Nuts".

You will hear what he has gotten out of Autocross Coaching as well as having co-drivers.

Once again, we hear "Lifts have a place" meaning he left foot brakes but also will only lift at times.

We hear some about how he sets up Autocross cars which is often the opposite of others.

Like Bob Tunnell he will tap the brakes in between slalom cones. He notes he only does this for tight slaloms to put weight on the nose of the car.

I asked about his preference for a harness and he said he only uses a seat belt because he needs to be able to move around to see around the A Pillar.

He mentions how he learned how important it is to put down power coming out of an Autocross turn (think sweeper and any other place where we get to accelerate).

We touch on road racing. And briefly we talk about using video and data as it relates to him Autocrossing, I say briefly because he doesn’t use them.

And we talk about competing at a high level at Autocross and age. How much time is needed to prep a car to win at Solo Nationals as well as the seat time.
He also talks about tires and how they feel at Lincoln Airpark when it is hot and when it is not.

And we talk about splitting the Run Days at SCCA Solo Nationals...