Jason Frank Multi-time Solo and ProSolo Champion

Multi-Time National Champion Jason Frank is this weeks guest on the Autocross Talk Podcast.

His Solo National Championships: 2007 STS, 2013 STC, 2015 STS

His ProSolo Championships: 2011 STC, 2012 STC, 2014 STS

Triad Award 2013, And he has also won a ProSolo Challenge

Jason Frank is MR. STS/C having won many championships and competed in the class since 2002.  I met him several years ago when I entered the class in a civic myself.

He is one of the experts for the civic and crx ST platform, if you are planning to win in the class you have to somehow get past him.

He shares his thoughts on codrivers , data acquisition and much more.

Jason Frank in the tiger civic.
Jason Frank in the tiger civic.


Rocky Entriken Solo Cup winner and SCCA Champion

This week’s podcast features Rocky Entriken.
 RockyNationals RockyChrome Pylon
He is a 100 percenter who has made it to every Solo Nationals which is 43 nationals as of 2015.
He was awarded the Solo Cup The Sports Highest Award 1981.
He is your 1986 D PREPARED Solo I National Champion
He is on the Old Fartz List
He is the keeper of Solo Stats where he records all of the stats for all of the solo nationals from events attended to finishing spot, trophy and championship count and much much more.  You can purchase a copy by emailing him Rocky aaaattt SpitFire4.com
He shares his experiences, tips for new and aspiring drivers, comparison of autocrosss then and now and much more. Below are some of the highlighted notes in his interview.
He has stuck with it because "It is that great sport...everybody is friends with everybody, until you get out on the track and you want to kick their but then you are friends again."
He said that driving other people’s car will make you a better driver of your own car through experiencing other factors than what you feel on your own.
He came up with the down and out rule which replaced the "Wobble rule" where course workers would say a cone was hit if it wobbled.
When asked what was the most challenging car he has every driven he said he jumped onto so many cars throughout his career and it’s pretty much hard to say which one specifically but the first time he drove a front wheel drive was definitely hard.
When asked if he can drive any car he said he love driving his own Spitfire.
He reiterated how corners are more important than driving
Some of his tips:
  • Look ahead first before doing anything next
  • The early apex cone is very very rare.
  • You should focus on the second cone, the exit cone
  • It's not a horsepower contest, hang onto the corners
  • People should drive more cars (other people’s cars) to improve their driving, he said jumping onto these cars made him a much better driver
When asked what to change in the next run and how to improve the feeling of what went wrong, always look ahead.
When asked what kept him coming back as much as I enjoy driving cars and racing fast and bashing cones, I stay and come back for the people. The culture, the camaraderie and the relationships formed.

Scott Fraser SCCA 2012 Driver of the Year and Multi time Solo and ProSolo National Champion

Scott Fraser Porsche 911
Scott Fraser Porsche 911

This show features Scott Fraser


  • Solo Nationals Driver of the Year 2012
  • National Champion CSP 2012, 2010
  • Cam Sport 2014 and 2015
  • 12 National Solo Trophies
  • 4 ProSolo Championships including 2008 CSP and 2012 CSP

    He has raced front wheel drive to rear wheel drive including VW Rabbit, CSP Miata and a Cobra 427 and look for him in a Porsche 911.


Why did you start racing?
Always loved driving fast. Inherited my sister’s Volkswagen Rabbit – hated it at first.
First autocross was at 17 years old.
What hooked you?
Driving fast, driving in the hills.
Tried to make every single event making a whole lot of runs.
Left foot or Right foot for brakes?  Left
Learned how to left foot brake because of front wheel drive cars.
Still a left foot braker.
Didn't know or wasn't aware of how much he left braked until he switch to a Miata and got input from Andy.
Tips for Data: look for the first couple of runs, compare and focus on why you are faster here or there.  Pick one or two things to focus on for the next run.
Watching the videos to know where or what to fix. Are you there to win? Are there to learn something? It all depends on your goals.
Slalom (38:30ish)
Be as close to the first cone as possible.
What are the best/most fun cars to drive?
BMW – old SP felt like a real race car
Cobra 427
Why do you sit so close to the steering wheel?  Those first cars without power steering.
In closing "Just have fun".