Scott Fraser SCCA 2012 Driver of the Year and Multi time Solo and ProSolo National Champion

Scott Fraser Porsche 911
Scott Fraser Porsche 911
Scott Fraser Porsche 911

This show features Scott Fraser


  • Solo Nationals Driver of the Year 2012
  • National Champion CSP 2012, 2010
  • Cam Sport 2014 and 2015
  • 12 National Solo Trophies
  • 4 ProSolo Championships including 2008 CSP and 2012 CSP

    He has raced front wheel drive to rear wheel drive including VW Rabbit, CSP Miata and a Cobra 427 and look for him in a Porsche 911.


Why did you start racing?
Always loved driving fast. Inherited my sister’s Volkswagen Rabbit – hated it at first.
First autocross was at 17 years old.
What hooked you?
Driving fast, driving in the hills.
Tried to make every single event making a whole lot of runs.
Left foot or Right foot for brakes?  Left
Learned how to left foot brake because of front wheel drive cars.
Still a left foot braker.
Didn't know or wasn't aware of how much he left braked until he switch to a Miata and got input from Andy.
Tips for Data: look for the first couple of runs, compare and focus on why you are faster here or there.  Pick one or two things to focus on for the next run.
Watching the videos to know where or what to fix. Are you there to win? Are there to learn something? It all depends on your goals.
Slalom (38:30ish)
Be as close to the first cone as possible.
What are the best/most fun cars to drive?
BMW – old SP felt like a real race car
Cobra 427
Why do you sit so close to the steering wheel?  Those first cars without power steering.
In closing "Just have fun".

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