Alex Piehl won the STH National Championship and HStreet ProSolo Championship

Alex Piehl is on Autocross Talk.
He did it right for his 10 year anniversary with the SCCA H Street Pro Solo class championship, STH SCCA SOLO National Championship as well as a Triad award.

In a normal year he makes 50 to 60 autocross events a year.

He brings 6 Sigma thoughts to autocross. For example, he thinks about waste and likes to measure and analyze. He will often walk a course backwards.

I really like his comment "Use an excuse to improve".

For Nerves - or rather to get rid of them he focuses on what he has to do. I phrased this as "Focus on the plan".

He has thoughts about how playing in a touring band relates to autocross.

He suggests driving in the wet on the wrong tires and loved the Evo Challenge School.

He recommends Vivek's course Beyond Seat Time

Listen for these comments as well as other autocross tips and suggestions to improve your autocross racing.

His question is would your rather do a dual course ProSolo where one side is 35 seconds long but the other is 15 seconds (Possible Peru ProSolo for 2020) or 3 stale Chicken Nuggets from your favorite fast food restaurant?

He created Pittsburgh Autocross to list all the autocross events happening in and around the area (there are a lot and he needed to know where they all were so as he could make 50+ of them each year 🙂