Jason Frank Multi-time Solo and ProSolo Champion

Jason Frank in the tiger civic.

Multi-Time National Champion Jason Frank is this weeks guest on the Autocross Talk Podcast.

His Solo National Championships: 2007 STS, 2013 STC, 2015 STS

His ProSolo Championships: 2011 STC, 2012 STC, 2014 STS

Triad Award 2013, And he has also won a ProSolo Challenge

Jason Frank is MR. STS/C having won many championships and competed in the class since 2002.  I met him several years ago when I entered the class in a civic myself.

He is one of the experts for the civic and crx ST platform, if you are planning to win in the class you have to somehow get past him.

He shares his thoughts on codrivers , data acquisition and much more.

Jason Frank in the tiger civic.
Jason Frank in the tiger civic.


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