Tom O’Gorman 2013 Driver of the year Multi-time National Champion and Pirelle World Champion

This podcast features Tom O'Gorman.
Tom gives us a lot of insights into how he learned to autocross, what he does differently when autcrossing versus road racing.
He shares many insights from his approach to course walking to what he focuses on when driving.
He even left foot brakes....only when playing video games.
After listening to this you will probably want to start practicing like Tomo tonight.  He shares a lot more.
Tom O'Gorman autocross cars
Tom O'Gorman autocross cars
2016 World Challenge Winner Tom O'Gorman
2016 World Challenge Winner Tom O'Gorman
You can find him on facebook at TomoRacing94 and Instagram and Twitter @TomoRacing
2016 National Champion in FP
Solo Nationals Driver of the Year, 2013
2013 Triad Winner
2013 Tom O’Gorman,  FP National Champion
Two National Championships and 5 more trophies in 7 national appearances: 1st FP *7-SSM *1-FP *3-STS *9-STS *5-STS *6-ES
2013 Class Champion S4 Chevy Corvette
2012 Class Champion STS Honda CRX Si
Road Racing
2016 TCB Champion Pirelli World Challenge Drivers Championship