National Champions Dennis Sparks and Jordan Towns are the guests

This show features Dennis Sparks and Jordan Towns.

Learn what drives them and their journey to championships, Pro Solo Challenge wins and Fletcher Cup wins.

"Anything worth doing is worth trying to be the absolute best at" Jordan Towns.

"You want to go faster drive with someone faster with data" Dennis Sparks

You will hear about codriving - Hint if your car isn't setup and you can drive someone's who is then you can really see how your driving style measures up.

Hear how they look at data to get faster and what they are working on now which is the transition between elements.

You will hear "The Best Story Ever" - Jordan's first Pro Solo

Since 2012 they have been doing 9 plus national races each year.

You'll hear about the benefits of fast codrivers.

For video once again you will hear that it is best to see the drivers hands to see how much input and when the inputs on the steering wheel are being made.

And you will hear about the WRXs they have been driving and winning in.

Question Dennis - where will the SCCA go with Spec Class(es) - will SSC be the only one or is it only the first one?

Question Jordan - what are you thoughts on how to increase the participation of women in autocross?