Kinch with thoughts for learning to drive faster Spring Nationals 2016 wrap up

In this episode I talk about tips and thoughts to become a faster driver. Including riding with people, having people drive your car and recording other drivers (video and or data).

This episode was inspired by events after I finished the worst I might have ever finished at a ProSolo class competition.  After that I worked the challenge since I wasn't in it so as I could watch the faster drivers to see what they were doing. (and maybe as a bit of punishment) Tight triumphed over wider with David Whitner winning the challenge and being the tightest and most consistent.

I also talk about my bone head decision to drive a wider line on the second day in the larger sweeper to carry more speed through it. (note to self I’ve never ever ever ever seen a wide line be faster in data analysis).  I ran solo storm to verify my wide line in the sweeper was .6 slower.  I found a positive that I had a game plan and followed it but the part about driving faster on a wider line was silly.

Working the challenge lead me to the practice course where the real fun and learning began for the weekend. (The test course is a great benefit of coming to spring nationals)

Riding with the likes of Sam Strano and Matthew Braun was enlightening and lead to many more conversations and thoughts about driving styles. I drove more cars and rode in more cars than I think I have ever before.

Witnessing the differences in the lines and techniques of Sam Strano and Matthew Braun ,both multi time national champions, was more than interesting. Also riding with slower people showed the importance of staying on a tighter line.

I and loved Matthew quote of “I don’t believe in setting up”. I’d describe his line choice as point and shoot.  He even sets up his cars to accommodate his style of braking hard to get the car to rotate so as he can mash the gas.

What are your thoughts on driving style?

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