Mark Scroggs Multi Time SCCA Autocross National Champion

Mark Scroggs's FocusST
Mark Scroggs's FocusST
Mark Scroggs's FocusST

Today's episode features Mark Scroggs who is a multi time national champion in E Street.  He started in 1992 so he laughs a bit at being the 2014 SCCA rookie of the year.  He practiced a lot before coming to nationals 🙂

He won G Street in 2014 and 2015 at Solo Nationals and was the Pro Solo Champion in 2015 in G Street.

This interview starts off without the usual open because he got right into good content before I had a chance to have an intro.  I call that "good tape".  So you will hear about people he is appreciative of from his wife to Sam Strano and about the setup of his Focus ST.

He started autocrossing in 1992 (wish I did as well), 1st car was AWD Talon (zero to 60 in under 7 seconds if I recall).

He is fast with only his right foot working both pedals.

He has driven a lot of cars and gets opportunities to do so when coaching/teaching others.

He would do course walks with fast people when he began.

  • He walks by himself (to focus)
  • Walks early when he is fresh
  • Pictures the game plan
  • Visualizes how the car suspension is moving

For newbies he suggests the above along with getting ride alongs.


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