Neal Tovsen of Top SCCA Autocrosser and Instructor

Neal Tovsen driving his CSP Miata

This episode features Neal Tovsen of where he has posts with autocross tips and thoughts.

Neal has 10 National Trophy's half of which were 2nd place.

At nationals he has competed in: CSP, STX, DP, BS, GS and SM.

He started in 1998 and started instructing at schools a few years later which he found helped his driving as well.  The concept of teaching what you have learned is something good todo in all aspects of your life.

Best advice is to go to SCCA Solo Nationals and drive (don't expect to win rather take it all in).

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He mentioned the PocketCast app for Android devices so I've added AutocrossTalk to their list of available podcasts.

Neal Tovsen driving his CSP Miata
Neal Tovsen driving his CSP Miata


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