Howard and Linda Duncan long time Autocrossers

This episode features Howard and Linda Duncan who have lived, breathed and worked in the autocross arena for decades. Howard has worked for the SCCA for over 20 years.

This episode covers many topics from their beginning in the sport to street survival, to the size of lots in case you are planning to build one :).

Other topics:

  • Howard's favorite car a 63 MGB
  • How courses used to be longer yet skinnier gates 12' and 35' minimum slalom
  • Beginning of ProSolo
  • SEB feedback - if you support something let the SEB know
  • Should clubs look to build sites to keep the support alive
  • Future of Solo and ProSolo
  • Linda's favorite car Jeff Jacobs Mini Cooper and a FRS
  • Percent of women in the sport has dropped
  • Sponsorship opportunities with the SCCA
    • Howard Duncan's Awards

      • Woolf Barnato Trophy, SCCA’s highest honor, 2015
      • Solo Cup, the sport's highest award, 1993
      • Roger Johnson Spirit of the Sport Award, 2005

      Linda Duncan's Awards - 6th - Most Trophy Finishes, Women - 18

      • 1999 STL Champion - Honda Prelude
      • 2001 STSL Champion - Subaru Impreza

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