Sam Strano SCCA Autocross 2008 Driver of the Year 2012 Driver of Eminence and multi time National Champion and ProSolo Champion Autocrosser

This is part one of two episodes of Sam Strano's interview.
Sam covers a lot of autocross lessons in this first 3 hours from his history, to course design, mental attitudeĀ and autocross schools (taking and teaching autocross skills).

He mentions how he and Tim Aero would talk for hours about autocrossing. (Much like we do on this podcast)
He fits in a Mark Daddio story from way back.
Also covers his setup for his cars.
You can call him Mr. Pony car he has been really successful driving them. (Although he also drove a MR2 back in the day)
He suggests to change things as experiments.
He covers giving instructional advice.
He reviews a light bulb moment from Jim McKamey in a Phase 1 school.
He covers how he and you can learn from co-drivers as well as watching others.
He thinks looking ahead is over rated. (We've heard this from other National Champions). He expands on this to explain how he looks through turns.

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Sam Strano Autocross ProSolo
Sam Strano Autocross ProSolo
Sam Strano SSR Corvette Autocross
Sam Strano SSR Corvette Autocross
Sam Strano SSR C7 Z06 Corvette
Sam Strano SSR C7 Corvette
Sam Strano And John Vitamvas Autocross
Sam Strano And John Vitamvas Autocross

Sam Strano SCCA Autocross Awards and Championships
Driver of year: 2008
Driver of Eminence 2012
ProSolo Overall Challenge Winner 2009

7 SCCA Solo National Championships
--5 consecutive championships
ESP 2006, 2004, 2002
F Stock 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

SCCA ProSolo Championships
SSR 2015, 2014
FS 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2002
ESP 2006, 2004

Green Light Award 2016
4 Prosolo Challenge Wins
Triad Winner 2010