Ross Bentley of Speed Secrets is on the podcast He is a Instructor and racer.

This podcast features Ross Bentley of and

He is the author of 7 Speed Secrets books.

We cover a lot of topics to help you become a better racer.  He is know for his mental tips and exercises.

What makes super stars super? How they practice!

You can practice Sensory Input Sessions to help focus on learning: auditory, sight or kinetic.  Why? Because better quality input makes a better driver.

Seats are really important (I really really am going to get one I fit in and even add some weight in seat belts to help with feeling the car through the seat).

And we cover left foot braking and how important braking in general is.

Great thoughts on the brake zone. Like how you come off of the brake pedal is more important than how you press it.  And there are 3 ways you can come off of the pedal and you can vary that depending on the turn.

How many of you look at brake pressure traces?

He covers weight transfer in detail (Hearing it several times now I think it is sinking in).

Change of speed is huge to watch since slowing to much can make you think you have more grip than you really do.

Taking notes is important which has me wondering how many of us could benefit from notes on our course maps after each run?

We also cover mental imagery but at a much higher level like John Vitamvas talked about where you add movement as well.

Lets us know what you learned!