Chris Shenefield Autocross Champion and owner of RedShift Motorsports

This was a fun interview with Chris Shenefield who is SCCA Solo Nationals Champion and owner of RedShift Motorsports.

He is your 2002 STS National Champion in a Civic Si (9 trophies over all).
He has been 2nd four times in ES, STS, STS and STF
Third 2 times in STS and STF

You can reach Chris at his website
Go over and like his facebook page at RedShift Motorsports on Facebook

We cover a lot of topics including something a little different which is talking about running his business including the ups and downs of business.  And he shares his autocross tips and suggestions.

Chris is a Washington DC native who used to be into BMX bikes (think half pipe).

He first raced at Pen State in a 1985 VW GTI.  He then moved to a BMW 328 agains Jason Tipple who had an 89 Civic si, which he bought from him later on and ended up and winning Solo Nationals with.

Chris has a lot of knowledge when it comes to shocks since he has worked on and sold them for many years.  And he has a cool shock dyno that he actually uses to learn.  We covers lots of thoughts on shocks.

He also covers his setup thoughts including having the front wheel drive cars being higher in the front.  As well as lowering tire pressure when you want less grip rather than adding tire pressure.

He credits Sam Strano and Ron Bauer for their advice at an EVO School.

Chris Shenefield STF Autocross Civic
Chris Shenefield STF Autocross Civic