Autocross Tips for Course Walks and how looking ahead ties into walking courses

This episode is all about course walks for autocross racing.

You will hear from 7 past guest how they approach course walking. Looking ahead or the lack thereof also comes up with many of these drivers. Listen up for autocross tips and please share yours on the Facebook page.

Brian Peters, March Scrogs, Mark Madarash, Tom Reynolds, Kim WHitner, David Whitner, Max Hater and James Yom all share their thoughts and insights.

I'd like you to post on the Facebook page for AutocrossTalk what you do, is it the same as some of these guests and where are you different?

Is there anything you are now going to try after listening to their suggestions?

I find it interesting how some of us don't like to walk to much while others like to walk a lot. For some of us walking a lot has us get lazy when it comes to looking ahead. And others walks so much and memorize that they don't need to look ahead....very interesting!

I really like David's ration of 15 feet ahead for 1 foot to the side for a cars turning radius at speed. And I look forward to seeing David and Andrew Hahn debating on course walks! And he shared suggestions from Andy Hollis for considering your line if a cone wasn't there as well as his other suggestion of looking back at an element to see if your line would change.