Mike Junior Johnson is this weeks guest He is not only a decorated Autocross champion but also owner and instructor at EvoSchool.com

Mike Junior Johnson is this weeks guest. He is not only a decorated Autocross champion but also owner and instructor at EvoSchool.com - Evolution Performance Driving School.

He has 10 SCCA Championships over all - 4 for Solo Nationals and 6 for ProSolo Class Championships.

2011 Driver of Eminence award, 2003 Roger Johnson Spirit of the Sport Award, and Over all ProSolo Challenge Winner 2007
He won Solo Nationals ASP class in 2006, 2007 and 2010 (2nd place in ASP 3 times)
He won FS in 2003 (2nd place in FS 2 times)

ProSolo Championships
2007 ES in 99 Civic si
2003 FS Chevrolet Z-28
ASP 2006,2007,2008,2011 Corvette Z06

When I asked him what he thinks he is best at his answer was Teaching so listen in for some great tips and insights for autocross racing.

He covers a lot including his love for racing the Baja 1000 (He would consider moving there!).

We start with his early beginning in Autocrossing. He was a Honda Fan boy and Andy Hollis noted on facebook. He really liked CRX's and owned a 1988 si. Later on he won in a 1999 civic si.

6:30 - He talks about winning his first Pro Solo (He also has been the over all challenge winner for the year).
14:00 FWD vs. RWD
16:00 He was over aggressive when he began and talks about instructing people on both ends of the aggression scale.
24:00 Watched and learned from watching Mark Daddio be really aggressive after hitting a cone. (Oh and course workers are called course WORKERS for a reason.)
21:50 Don't be aggressive on corner entry
26:40 Question he most often gets is "Where do I brake" - Answer he can't tell you that, your butt should 🙂
Apexes and Trail braking are talked about to much.
28:20 Have FUN - Autocross is Hard
31:30 2 Important things: 1. Self Critique 2. Be honest with your self - could you do it better?
33:00 Phase 2 of Evo School teaches you to be our own instructor.
34:40 Look to the middle of the corner and ask how will I get there?
40:00 Anticipation is a huge part of Autocross Racing
Working Course is a great learning tool
46:20 When you get faster nothing is sneaking up on you
47:00 Course Walks Take 1 concentrated walk, walk 3 or 4 times and at the end do mental drive thru
48:50 Get your car on key cones and be on exit of a corner.
Back edge of slalom cones - Enter first couple of slalom cones at a bigger angle rather than a straight/flat angle.
1:03:00 Look through a slalom to the last cone - you will see the cones closer to you as you focus on the last one
1:11:00 Left Foot vs. Right Foot Braking -
In a kart you can get away with more than you can in a car. Karters are more likely to spin on entry. Cars need to use the brakes more.
How much weight transfer do you need?
1:21 Left foot braking takes years to learn
1:23:30 Z06 Corvette vs. Lotus Elise
1:27:40 Rival S vs. Rival S 1.5 - Shock changes rather than spring changes. Turn in is so great he doesn't know if he would want to have a Corvette turn in like that.
1:36 Mental Game
He looks at video more that data
1:38 In life think things through
1:45:30 He is best at teaching and Larry Fine is his favorite instructor
1:51 Baja 1000 - Super Fun (He would move there and race every race if he could).
2:08 He does some Teen instruction and thinks kids should practice in their cars.
2:14 Favorite car - Corvettes - 71 Stingray

Contact him at EvoSchool.com and find his classes and get seat time along with instruction!