PJ Corrales is this weeks Autocross Talk Guest

PJ Corrales is this weeks Autocross Talk Guest.

He has many trophies in ESP, SM and SSM (and he owns cars in SP and SM and they are both competitive).

His Solo National Autocross Trophies:

  • 2015 3rd in ESP
  • 2013 2nd in SM
  • 2012 5th in SM
  • 2011 3rd in SM
  • 2010 4th in SM

It was fun to hear from PJ.  He has been competing and competitive nationally for many years.

He works in Aerospace which explains how he can have a car in both SP and SM that are competitive.

You will hear what he thinks makes a "Car work well".

His suggestions:
You are not going to make the car faster if it is hard to drive.

Read as much as you can.

He posts videos online and compares with co-drivers.

He uses race render and solo storm.

He thinks to many people think only about clean run and therefore forget all the keys to a fast run.

He did as many autcross runs as possible but PJ has never attended a school or class.

You will also hear about his thoughts on Course Walks and much much more!